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You are a busy person-you are a dedicated professional, you are a thoughtful parent, you create, you engage others, yet you are always curious and want to know more. You love learning, rolling up your sleeves and jumping in to something new, something that intrigues you or interests you. You love adventure and connecting with people. Food, good, healthy food is important to you. You are tired of being overwhelmed with reports about healthy eating, foods that are not all they were cracked up to be...you need more information, but where do you start?

Let me introduce myself:

Wendy Erlanger, The Wisdom KitchenHi, I am Wendy Erlanger. I am multi-passionate and absolutely love the world of traditional foods and traditional food preparation. I am fascinated by the history behind the foods, the nutritional value, and the deliciousness of each wonderful bite. I REALLY love how the traditional foods movement allows us to slow down a bit and engage with others through the preparation and sharing of foods such as succulent sourdough, beloved bone broths and fabulous ferments. Want the details?

Our interactions will be gratifying and engaging if you:

  • can’t wait for opening day at the Farmer’s Market
  • feel the love when your dinner table is filled with family and friends
  • love to meet new people and share passions
  • get more excited about eating a ripe tomato off the vine than a piece of chocolate cake (okay, maybe you love both equally)
  • stop, smile and take a deep breath when you see lilacs, jasmine and roses
  • are open to new adventures

The Wisdom Kitchen is here and is happy to help!

Hands-on, interactive, delicious, supportive and all around fun traditional foods classes are waiting for you!
Curious? Explore our menu of classes, read a few testimonials to see what others think, learn more about Wendy or send me an email and tell me how I can help!

Lacto-Fermented Salsa



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